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IP Audits & Strategy Planning

IP audits are becoming increasingly important to businesses to enable them to identify both strengths and weaknesses in their intellectual property protection and to provide for enhanced management of these valuable assets going forward.


A comprehensive Intellectual Property audit is a valuable exercise for any business. It consists of a thorough review of all IP owned, utilised or received by the firm. The purpose is to identify any potential opportunities to strengthen the current IP, in addition to any assets that are being maintained but are of negligible value. Strategic measures regarding the recognition, protection, exploitation and/or procurement of IP to help enable future growth are also taken into account. Lastly, any risks of third party infringements are explored and appropriately noted.

As a part of the audit process, it is necessary to arrange a meeting with company representatives to obtain relevant background information. Subsequently, our team carries out checks into the corporation's intellectual property, and risks of infringement. A report is concluded to summarise the portal's current state and recommend any actions or strategies needed to improve it. Furthermore, estimated timelines and costs for the optimization and/or detailed inspection are provided.

If you are considering an IP review for your company, do not hesitate to contact us. Our fees are tailored according to the size and type of operation and will be a fixed price, established before the audit commences.


Note that funding may be available through participation in the government funded Growth Accelerator Programme. For more information see http://www.ipo.gov.uk/ip4b-sme.pdf, the UKIPO publication, “From Ideas to Growth: Helping SMEs get value from their intellectual property”.