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Competitor Watching

Do you have a particular adversary that you need to keep track of? Are they part of the same industry or field as you? Setting up a tracking service can alert you to any patent applications that they may be searching for. This isn't only a good way to evaluate if any of your competitor's prior rights are infringing your own, but it can also give you access to critical technical information and keep you well informed of any developments in the relevant industry. An even better way to stay ahead of the competition would be to opt for a monitoring service, focusing on products related to a particular topic, regardless of who it belongs to.


Do you own a trademark that is officially registered? It's especially recommended that you subscribe to a monitoring service so that notifications about trade mark applications similar to your will come to your attention. Subsequent applications are no longer rejected due to an earlier registration so it's a good idea to take preemptive action to protect your initial branding from being confused in the marketplace.

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