Competitor Watching

Do you have a particular competitor whose activity you would like to monitor?  Are they working in a field very close to yours?  It is possible to subscribe to a watching service whereby you are informed of all patent applications published by a named company.  This not only enables you to assess whether you risk infringing any of your competitor’s earlier rights but can also provide you with valuable technical information and allows you to be well informed of the developments in your particular technical field.  Alternatively, a watching service can be placed for inventions relating to specified subject matter, regardless of owner, to help keep you ahead of the game.

Do you a possess a registered trade mark?  It is advisable to subscribe to a watching service so that you are notified when trade mark applications are filed for a similar trade mark that would dilute the value of your mark.  Later filed trade mark applications are no longer rejected based on earlier trade mark registrations and therefore it is critical that you are proactive in preventing registration of later rights that may be confused with the use of your earlier mark in the market place.

Contact us today for further advice and a no-obligation quote for such watching services.

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